中国国际半导体技术大会(CSTIC) 2018

China Semiconductor Technology International Conference (CSTIC) 2018

Plan now to participate at CSTIC 2018, one of the largest and the most comprehensive annual semiconductor technology conferences in China and Asia since 2000. Organized by SEMI, IMEC and IEEE-EDS, co-organized by IMECAS. CSTIC 2018 will be held March 11-12, 2018 in Shanghai, China, in conjunction with SEMICON China 2018. The conference will have nine symposiums cover all aspects of semiconductor technology with focus on manufacturing and advanced technology, including detail manufacturing processes, devices design, integration, materials, and equipment, as well as emerging semiconductor technologies, circuit design, and silicon material applications. Hot topics, such as memory technology, 3D integration, MEMS Technology will also be addressed in the conference.

**Full length manuscripts of accepted papers will be considered for publication in IEEE Xplore.

Date and Venue

March 11-12, 2018
Shanghai International Convention Center
上海国际会议中心 中国上海浦东滨江大道2727号
No.2727 Riverside Avenue Pudong, Shanghai 200120, China


Distinguished Conference Keynote Speakers

PR (Chidi) Chidambaram
Vice President, QCT Process Technologies & Foundry Engineering, Qualcomm, Incorporated


Conference Chairman

Dr. Ru Huang
Peking University, China 


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Partial list of other confirmed distinguished CSTIC 2018 invited speakers

III-V GaAs and InP HBT device for 4G & 5G wireless applications
Colombo R. Bolognesi, Prof., Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich
CMOS Scaling – Past, Present, and Future
Kangguo Cheng, Senior Technical Staff Member, IBM
Negative capacitance: principle, practice, and limitation
Cheol Seong Hwang, Prof.,Seoul National University
Emerging Three-dimensional Memory Technologies
Yoon Kim, Prof., Pusan National University
Device and Process Technologies for Extending Moore's Law
Sangwan Kim, Prof., Ajou University
Innovative graphene-based remote epitaxy & layer transfer-EPI growth & Device Applications
Jeehwan Kim, Prof., Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Investigation of Hysteresis Phenomena in 3-D NAND Flash Memory Cells Using Pulse Measurement
Jong-Ho Lee, Prof., Seoul National University
Nonvolatile Memory Outlook: Technology driven or Application driven
Jing Li, Dr., University of Wisconsin-Madison
Advanced CMOS technology
Hitoshi Wakabayashi, Dr., Titech
FEOL Reliability in Advanced FinFET Technologies
Miaomiao Wang, Dr., IBM
Yuchao Yang, Assistant Prof., Peking University
Unconventional computing with memristive neural networks
Joshua Yang, Prof., University of Massachusetts
Opposite trends between digital and analog performance for different TFETs technologies
Paula Ghedini Der Agopian, Assistant Prof., Sao Paulo State University (UNESP)
Phase Change Memory research
Wanki Kim, IBM
Applications Of Organic Semiconductors And Recrystallized Silicon Devices
Ioannis (John) Kymissis, Prof., Columbia University
MTJ-Based Nonvolatile Logic LSI for Ultra Low-Power and Highly
Masanori Natsui, Prof., Tohoku University
Design-process co-optimization for system improvement
Da Zhang, Dr., AMD-China JV
Nanosheet Transistor for 5nm Technology and Beyond Aiming High Performance and Low Power
Huiming Bu, Dr., IBM
Desirable material selection on Self-aligned Multi-patterning
Hidetami Yaegashi, Manager, TEL
Advanced CD-SEM metrology for Process control of 14 nm-node HVM and beyond.
Takeshi Kato, Senior Engineer, Hitachi High Technologies
Accessing light source driven contrast variation impact on hotspots using Lithography Manufacturability Checker (LMC)
Will Conley, Staff Applications Mgr, ASML-Cymer
Machine Learning for Computational Lithography
Yu Cao, CEO, ASML-Brion
Sketch and Peel Lithography for Multiscale Patterning
Huigao Duan, Prof. Hunan University
Advanced Lithography Material Status toward 7nm Node and beyond
Kouichi Fujiwara, General Manager, JSR
Resist Model Setup for Negative Tone Development at 14nm Node
Lijun Zhao,Process Engineer, IME
High Power LPP-EUV Source with Long Collector Mirror Lifetime for High Volume Semiconductor Manufacturing
Hakaru Mizoguchio, Executive Vice President, CTO, Gigaphoton Inc.
Technical issues of scanner used in packaging
Huang Dongliang,SMEE
Advanced resist/ monomer development in China
Yusong Sun, VP, Hantop
Multi-beam mask writer MBM-1000
Hiroshi Matsumoto, Chief Engineer, NuFlare
Lithography simulations for flat panel display manufacturing
Thomas Muelder, Synopsys
Machine Learning for Lithography and Physical Design
David Pan, Prof., University of Texas at Austin
High fedelity lithography against stochastic effects
Zhimin Zhu, Senior Scientist, Brewers science
Patterning challenges and opportunities for Advanced Memory Technology
Dr. Gill Lee, PPG CTO, AMAT
Memory Patterning Roadmaps
Dr. Siva Kanakasabapathy, APTD BEOL Technologist, Lam Research
Patterning for beyond 14nm nodes
Dr. Lei Zhong, GF Account Technology Director, AMAT
Patterning Roadmap
Dr. Wish Rise, Patterning Managing Director, LAM
Advanced Etch Technology for Patterning 14nm and beyond
Dr. Ying Huang, AMAT
SAQP and SAOP for 5nm nodes and beyond
Dr. Efrain Altamirano Sanchez, Manager, IMEC
Patterning Technology Options for Future Scaling
Kenichi Oyama, Project Leader and Director, TEL
Atomic Layer Etch for Advanced Patterning
Masanobu Honda, Director of Advanced Process development Laboratory, TEL
Atomic Layer Etch Modeling for Advanced Patterning
Peter Ventzek, TEL
Advanced Dielectric Etch Technology for 14nm and Beyond
Tom Ni, AMEC
Resist Strip Technology for Advanced Technology Nodes
Ma Shawming, Senior Director, Mattson
Advanced Selective Dry Etching of Silicon Based Materials and Cobalt
Dr. Jun Lin, TEL
A High Performance Patterning Solution by Utilizing Combined Etching for Perpendicular STT-MRAM
Kaidong Xu, CEO, Leuevn Instrument
Materials/Process Innovations required for High Performance BEOL interconnects
Griselda Bonilla,Senior Technical Staff Member, Senior Manager, Advanced BEOL Interconnect Technology, IBM
Electrochemical ALD - A New Paradigm for Enabling Aggressive Scaling in BEOL Interconnect Metallization
Yezdi Dordi, Director, Lam Research
Co alloy for Middle of Line for Fin FET of sub-7 nm
Koike, Prof., Tohoku University
Fully Printable and Autonomously Powered Electronic Nodes for the Internet of Everything
Paul Berger, Prof., Ohio State University
All-ALD high-k/metal gate as an enabler for FinFETs and nanowire FETs
Zhao Chao, Research Prof., IME
Flexible Silicon/Germanium Nanomembranes for Integrative 3D Devices
Yongfeng Mei, Prof., Fu Dan University
Thin Film Process Technologies for Continued Scaling
Robert Clark, Manager, TEL
PVD Systems for Advanced Packaging Applications
Peijun Ding, Director, Naura
Overview of ALD Applications for Advanced CMOS Technology
Xiaoping Shi, Technical Director, Naura
Low Temperature Microwave Annealing for CMOS Scaling
Bharat Krishnan / Rinus T.P. Lee, Manager for diffusion module, Global Fundary
In-situ plasma monitoring of PECVD nano-crystalline a-Si:H(i)/ a-Si:H (n) surface passivation for Heterojunction Solar cells Application
Yiin-Kuen Fuh, Prof., National Central University
CMP Challenges for Advanced Logic and Memory Device Manufacturing
Sidney Huey, Global Product Manager, AMAT CMP
CMP technology for advanced package
Haedo Jeong, Prof., School of Mechanical Engineering
New CMP tool Development and Its Applications
Dewen Zhao, Faculty, Tsinghua University
Particle technology for CMP
Francois Batllo, RD director,Nalco
Collaboration with suppliers in CMP technology development (TBD)
Lily Jiang, TD, SMIC
CMP Challenges to Keep Up with Moore’s Law
Gary Ding, TD Engineering Manager, Intel Corporation
CMP Challenges for Interconnect Scaling
Donald F Canaperi, Manager, IBM
Defect control for high k metal gate CMP
Changhong Gong , TD3 department manager, Huali
Slurry Filtration for CMP Defect Improvement
David Huang, Pall
Co-optimization of CMP Pad and Slurry for Overall Process Performance Enhancement
Robert Auger, Asia Technology Site Leader and Slurry R&D Director, Dow
From Confined Area to Wafer Level Nanotopography Metrology Solution for Process Developments
Tae-Gon Kim, senior researcher, IMEC
Continuous Process Control for Metal CMP
Jianshe Tang, AMAT CMP
Middle of Line Contact for Advanced Node Semiconductor: from Tungsten to Cobalt
Stan Tsai, Technology Research, GlobalFoundries
CMP New Challenges in 3D NAND Era
Ke K. Wang, Intel Dalian
Slurry development in sapphire,SiC, Si, and LiTaO3
Weili Liu, Shanghai Institute of Microsystem and Information Techology
Topographically-Selective Atomic Layer Deposition on 3D Nanostructures
Woo Hee Kim, Prof., Chonbuk National university
Toward chemoresistive ssensor array based on two-dimensional materials
Ho Won Jang, Prof., Seoul National University
Implantable Optoelectronic Devices for Deep-Brain Neural Modulation and Sensing
Xing Sheng, Prof., Tsinghua University
The development of micro-machined based electrochemical seismic sensors
Junbo Wang, Prof., Institute of Electronics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
The Two-fold Role of Connected Devices — Enabling remote healthcare service delivery & healthcare service innovations
Zhen Fang, Prof., Institute of Electronics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
MEMS Sensors for Oceanic Applications
Chenyang Xue, Prof., North University of China
RF MEMS resonant devices for wireless communication
Jinling Yang, Prof., Institute of Semiconductors, CAS
Research Achievements of Key Technologies in 3D Integration and Heterogeneous Integration
Kuan-Neng Chen, Prof., National Chiao Tung University
Synthesizing Large-area Two-Dimensional Molybdenum Ditelluride by Physical Vapor Deposition and Solid-phase Crystallization
Tuo-Hung Hou, Prof., National Chiao Tung University
All-silicon Micro-Fabricated High-Temperature High-Pressure Sensor
Man WONG, Prof., The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Low-frequency noise originating from the dynamic hydrogen ion reactivity at the solid/liquid interface of ion sensors
Zhen Zhang, Associate Prof., Uppsala University

CSTIC 2018 Agenda

Keynote & Invited Speakers

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