SEMICON China Test Use Guidelines

Please be sure to use the correct spelling and formatting of SEMI and SEMICON—all letter are capitalized in both names. The registered trademarks are required with only the first appearance of each name. The Venue (e.g. "China") prints in upper and lowercase.

First time in text:SEMICON® China
Continue use:SEMICON China

Correct: SEMICON China

Incorrect: SemiCon; Semicon, etc.

SEMICON China Logo Use Guidelines

Do not alter the appearance, color, or proportions of the SEMICON logo. You may size the logo as needed, but do not print the logo smaller than 41mm (1.625") wide.

SEMICON China Logo,For Web 

SEMICON China Logo,For Print

SEMI Logo Use

SEMI Logo, For Web

SEMI Logo, For Print

*NOTE for Internet Explorer users: Internet Explorer will convert EPS files to PostScript (.ps) files unless you manually change the extension. To save EPS logo files using Internet Explorer, click the appropriate link above and when prompted, click "Save." In the "Save as" dialog box, under "Save as type," choose "All Files" and add .eps to the file name before saving.