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General Information

Plan now to participate at CSTIC 2025, one of the largest and the most comprehensive annual semiconductor technology conferences in China and Asia since 2000. CSTIC 2025 will be held on March 24-25, 2025. The conference will have ten symposiums covering all aspects of semiconductor technology with focus on manufacturing and advanced technology, including detailed manufacturing processes, device design, integration, materials, and equipment, as well as emerging semiconductor technologies, circuit design, and silicon material applications. Hot topics, such as artificial intelligence (AI) chips, 6G chips, neuromorphic computing technology, advanced memory technology, 3D integration, MEMS technology will also be addressed in the conference.

Important Dates and Instructions

Call for Papers
Authors can choose to submit a two-page abstract or three-page full paper. The abstract must clearly describe the nature, scope, content, organization, key points and significance of the proposed paper. Detailed instruction about how to write an abstract could be found in the ABSTRACT TEMPLATE. The full paper should follow the instructions in the MANUSCRIPT TEMPLATE. The length of an invited paper can be up to 4 pages.

Abstract Submissions Due: September 30, 2024
Abstracts submitted after the deadline will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Author Notification Sent: October 15, 2024
The acceptance/rejection notifications will be sent on or before 1 November, after the peer-review procedure. Upon notification, authors will be requested to confirm their participation in the conference.

Final Paper Due: December 15, 2024
Authors, whose abstract/paper was accepted, are required to submit the final paper following the MANUSCRIPT TEMPLATE with the filename as 'CSTIC 2025_Symposium ID_Author' (ID: Serial Number). Please submit your final paper by sending it to in both Word and PDF version before the deadline. Following the instructions in the MANUSCRIPT TEMPLATE is critical to the preparation of your paper.
Please kindly refer to these full papers of Best Student Paper Award and Best Young Engineer Paper Award winners in CSTIC 2023.

Presentation Slides and Videos Preparation Due: February 20, 2025
CSTIC 2025 will be available both on site and virtually. It will offer unique opportunities for technical leaders and engineers around the world to have face to face communication and on line network. Please send your presentation slides to for on-site conference. You are strongly encouraged to submit video at the same time to upload onto SEMI cloud--virtual conference platform of SEMI.
1. Slide Guidelines
For your 15-30-minute presentation, please use the CSTIC 2024 PPT TEMPLATE. The template file contains suitable colors and fonts, as well as examples of good and bad techniques. Even if you do not plan to use PowerPoint, carefully review the information in the PowerPoint template. In particular, note the following:
• Refer to the CSTIC 2024 PPT TEMPLATE as a guide for formats and presentation recommendations.
• Page set-up: CSTIC uses a widescreen 16:9 aspect ratio for all presentations.
• Leave 1cm margin on all four sides.
• All pages should be in a horizontal format, not vertical.
• No logos are permitted except on the title page.
• High contrast is important. Use black or dark-colored fonts on a white background.
• For pages with text only, use no more than 30 words and no more than 6 lines, per slide.
• For illustrations, make all lines, numbers, and captions of sufficient thickness and size so that they are projected clearly. Again, use Calibri or a similar sans serif font and do not use font sizes smaller than 24 point.
• Often graphical data imported from another application have inadequate line width and font size to be useful. If necessary, re-draw the material using thicker lines and larger fonts or directly in native PowerPoint graphics.
• Use duplicate copies of a page if you need to refer to it at different times in your presentation. Do not rely on moving back to previously shown pages.
• Save your presentation using a file name with the following naming convention for your 15-30-min video presentation: Paper ID_Speaker Name
Example: 2-2_David Liu.ppt
• Embed true-type fonts in PowerPoint files:
To embed fonts, click on "File", "Save As", "Tools", "Save options", "Embed fonts in the file" or, click on "File", "Save As" and check "Embed True Type"
2. Suggestions for a Good Presentation and Instructions for Creating an MP4 of your presentation
• Briefly outline your talk and what will be covered.
• Define your problem. What led to your work? What were your objectives?
• Use your presentation to visualize the essential points of your talk. Be selective.
• Keep concepts as simple as possible and limit each page to one main idea.
• Use several simple figures rather than one complicated one, especially if you plan to discuss it at length.
• Make a clear conclusion. Suggest potential applications.
• Rehearse your talk aloud with a private audience prior to recording it.

Please note the following:
For video presentation, you can choose to show your face through the webcam and display your slides as you talk. Be sure you get a good quality recording, and your final file is in the MP4 format.

Poster Due: February 20, 2025
• For Poster presentations, we recommend that authors use the CSTIC 2024 POSTER SAMPLE. Dimensions of the poster frame area are 60cm (width) x 90cm (height). Feel free to design the poster content to attract more audiences and discussion during conference. Usually, there should be title, author names, company name, several graphics and tables in the poster. Best Poster Award winners will get cash award from organizer.
• Please send high resolution JPG version to us and we will put it in the Virtual Conference.
• Authors of accepted poster papers are required to present their poster papers onsite in Shanghai. Five CSTIC Best Poster Winners will be presented.
• CSTIC 2025 will be available both on site and virtually. It will offer unique opportunities for technical leaders and engineers around the world to have face to face communication and on line network. You are encouraged to submit 3-6min audio together your poster. It will be displayed at SEMI Cloud-virtual conference platform of SEMI.

SEMI Cloud Copyright Due: February 10, 2025
Your presentation video will be uploaded onto SEMI Cloud. All registered and paid speakers and attendees around the world will be free to continue the discussion for 4 weeks. Please send your signed SEMI COPYRIGHT FORM 2025 to cstic by Feb 10, 2025.

IEEE Copyright
Your submitted full papers will be sent to IEEE for publication after conference. IEEE will send you an email soon after conference with links and login credentials to complete the copyright transfer.

Conference Dates: March 24-25, 2025
All CSTIC 2025 speakers/presenters who attend the conference must register.


How To Write A Quality Abstract?
Abstracts must demonstrate results-oriented research, and data is therefore crucial.
Abstract submitters should ensure that their abstracts provide sufficient detail so that reviewers will be able to fully evaluate the author's work, research design, data, analysis, and results.
The abstract will be reviewed according to the following criteria.

1. A brief (50-80 words) synopsis of your paper. Its use is to provide a quick outline of your presentation, giving the reader an overview of the research. Keywords, 5-10 in number should be so chosen that they best describe the contents of the paper.
2. Research-focused abstracts must delineate the statistical data with pictures/photographs and tables. Do not use photocopies.
** This is the most important section of the abstract. In order to be accepted for presentation, the abstract must include data that supports the abstract's conclusions.
3. Good format, eg. Full-Size Format, Font Size, etc.

If accepted for poster presentation, what are the next steps?
The author will be notified by an acceptance email that their abstract has been reviewed and accepted for poster presentation.
Accepted presenters must adhere to conference deadlines and guidelines. Authors of accepted poster papers are required to present their poster papers onsite in Shanghai. Five CSTIC Best Poster Awards will be given.
We recommend that authors use the CSTIC 2024 POSTER SAMPLE. Dimensions of the poster frame area is 60cm (width) x 90cm (height).
Please kindly refer to these full papers and onsite posters of SEMI Best Poster Award winners in CSTIC 2023.

Hotel Room Reservation - Deadline: 

If you want to book the guest room at Oriental Riverside Bund View Hotel which is in the same building of our conference center (2727 Binjiang Avenue, Pudong District, Shanghai), please fill in this Hotel Reservation Form and send to the Hotel Reservation Department.

Request for Invitation Letter/VISA - Deadline:

Persons visiting China, regardless of nationality or intended length of stay, are required to have an entry visa. Please visit VISA APPLICATION FORM 2024 and fill in the application form to obtain an official invitation letter to help you obtain the entry VISA to China.

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