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中国国际半导体技术大会(CSTIC) 2017

China Semiconductor Technology International Conference (CSTIC) 2017

Plan now to participate at CSTIC 2017, one of the largest and the most comprehensive annual semiconductor technology conferences in China and Asia since 2000. Organized by SEMI,IMEC and  IEEE-EDS , co-organized by IMECAS and  ICMTIA(The Integrated circuit Materials Industry Technology Innovation Alliance), and co-sponsored by ECS, MRS and CEMIA(the China Electronics Materials Industry Association), CSTIC 2017 will be held March 12-13, 2017 in Shanghai, China, in conjunction with SEMICON China 2017. The conference will have nine symposiums cover all aspects of semiconductor technology with focus on manufacturing and advanced technology, including detail manufacturing processes, devices design, integration, materials, and equipment, as well as emerging semiconductor technologies, circuit design, and silicon material applications. Hot topics, such as memory technology, 3D integration, MEMS Technology will also be addressed in the conference.

**Full length manuscripts of accepted papers will be considered for publication in IEEE Xplore.

Date and Venue

March 12-13, 2017
Shanghai International Convention Center
上海国际会议中心 中国上海浦东滨江大道2727号
No.2727 Riverside Avenue Pudong, Shanghai 200120, China


Distinguished Conference Keynote Speakers

 Prof. Hiroshi Amano    Dr. Tzu-Yin Chiu  

 Dr. Ho-Kyu Kang

  Prof. Rao Tummala  
Nobel Laureate in Physics, 2014
Director, Center for Integrated Research of Future Electronics, Institute of Materials and Systems for Sustainability, Nagoya University
  CEO and Executive Director , Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp. (SMIC)

Executive Vice President Process Development of Semiconductor R&D Center,Samsung Electronics Co,LTD,Korea.


Joseph.M Pettit Chair Professor in ECE and MSE Director, 3D Microsystems Packaging Research Center Georgia Research Alliance Eminent Scholar
Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta,  Ga, USA


Conference Chairman

Dr. David Huang
Pall Corporation, USA


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Partial list of other confirmed distinguished CSTIC 2017 invited speakers

Advanced Logic and Specialty Technologies for VLSI Manufacturing in fast expansion at China
Min-hwa Chi, Sr, VP, SMIC
Steep-slope device
Dr. Qingtai Zhao, Forschungszentrum Julich
Reliability enhancement of phase change memory using metal nitride liner
Dr. SangBum Kim, IBM
Comparative Experimental Study of the Improved MOSFET Matching by Using the Hexagonal Layout Style
Prof. Salvador Pinillos Gimenez, Centro Universitario da FEI
Monolithic 3D (M3D) Reconfigurable Logic Applications Using Extremely-Low-Power Electron Devices
Prof. Woo Young Choi, Sogang University
Analyzing the carrier mobility in two-dimensional MoS2 transistors
Prof. Xinran Wang, Nanjing University
Design Technology Co-optimization for Disruptive Patterning Schemes
Prof. Puneet Gupta, UCLA
The Path Forward: The Future of Optical Lithography
Donis Flagello, CEO, Nikron Research America
Molecular Force Modeling of Lithography
Zhimin Zhu, Senior Scientist, Brewster Science
The Insertion of extreme ultraviolet lithography (EUVL) from patterning perspective
Weimin Gao, Senior cooperate application engineer, Synopsys
Design Technology Co-optimization for Disruptive Patterning Schemes
Prof. Puneet Gupta, UCLA
Patterning Technology Inflections for the 10n and Beyond Logic Nodes
Richard Wise, Managing Director, Lam Research, USA
Advanced Plasma Etch technology and Applications
Ganming Zhao, Senior Director, Applied Materials, China
Atomic Precision Etching using a Low Electron Temperature Plasma
Shahid Rauf, Senior Director, Applied Materials, Inc.
Advanced technology for sub-10nm Patterning
Naoki Inagaki, Project Leader and Director, Tokyo Electron Limited
Interconnect Reliability Challenges for the 7nm Node and Below
Tony Oates, IEEE Fellow; Senior Director, TSMC
More-Moore Versus More-than-Moore and a Future of 50 Billion Connected Devices
Aaron Voon-Yew Thean, Vice President of Logic Technologies, Professor in National Singapore University, IMEC
Enabling Complex Patterning Through Materials Innovation
Mark Saly, Manager, COE in Chemistry, AMAT
Oxide based thin films for Current and Emerging Logic Applications
Vijay Narayanan, Manager and distinguished research staff member, IBM
Method of Forming a More Robust Sidewall Spacer with Lower k (Dielectric Constant) Value
Tao Han, Member of Technical Staff, Globalfoundries Inc. US
14 nm/10 nm Logic Node – Issues and Key Enabling Technologies
Dr. Reza Arghavani, Managing Director of Technology, Lam Research Corporation
Systems & Methodologies for Faster Process Development and Yield Ramps in the Nanoscale Era
Charles Chu, Engagement Director, PDF Solution
Review of thin film porosity characterization approaches
Konstantin P. Mogilnikov, Principal Scientist, Leuven Instruments Co. Ltd (Jiangsu)
Replacement Metal Gate (RMG) CMP for 14nm Transistor Scaling: Overview, Challenges and Opportunities
Hong Jin Kim, Advanced Module Engineering (AME), Globalfoundries
Abrasive Particle Trajectories and Material Removal Non-uniformity during Chemical Mechanical Polishing
V. Rastegar, Clarkson University
Chemical Mechanical Planarization – Building Stacked Devices
Viorel Balan, Univ. Grenoble Alpes
Challenges in CMP Defects of 7nm Device and its improvement opportunities
Dr. Ji Chul Yang, Senior Member of Technical Staff (SMTS) and CMP Representative of Future Technology Roadmap Team, Globalfoundries
Outsourced CMP for Rapid Development and Efficient Manufacturing
Robert L. Rhoades, CTO, Entrepix, Inc.
Nano Scale Interface Control for 28nm Cu CMP through Cu/Barrier Slurries
Zhijie Zhang, Semiconductor Manufacturing North China (Beijing) Corp.
Cu CMP Dishing and Erosion Optimization for Hybrid Bonding Technology
GuangYi Wang, Wuhan Xinxin Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. Anji Microelectronics Co., Ltd.
A New Acidic ILD Slurry Formulation for Advanced CMP
Yi Guo, Dow Electronic Materials
Time-dependent Clustering Model for Dielectric Breakdown with Variability
Ernest Wu, STSM, IEEE Fellow, IBM T. J. Watson Research Center, USA
New Approach For Full Chip Electrical Reliability Verification
Frank Feng, Manager, Mentor Graphics, USA
On the use of conductive atomic force microscopy to monitor resistive switching
Mario Lanza, Young 1000 Talent Professor, Soochow University
Physical Failure Analysis of Semiconductor Devices by Electron Probing and Transmission Electron Microscopy
Dr. John Li, Principal Member Technical Staff, Globalfoundries, USA
Key technologies and application demonstrations of 3D heterogeneous integration and FOWLP
Prof. Kuan-Neng Chen, Prof, NCTU
Process and Equipment Technology for Advanced Packaging
Dr. Arvind Sundarraja/Scott Lin, Head, Asia Pacific Product Development Center, Applied Materials
NEMI Shielding Technologies in RF Front End Modules
Dr. Yifan Guo, VP Technology, ASE
Fanout Technology and Development
Dr. Scott Sikorski, VP Technology, SCL
Role of Advanced Packaging in IC Scaling and Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Integration
Dr. Hamid Azimi, VP, Intel
3D & MEMS Vertical MEMS Probe Technology For Advanced Packaging
Amy Leong, VP Marketing, Formfactor
Neutral Beam Technology for Future Nano-devices
Prof. Seiji Samukawa, IFS Tohoku University
Extreme Miniaturization of Passive Electronic Devices by Self-Rolled-up Membrane Nanotechnology
Prof. Xiuling Li, UIUC
Prof.Lu-Qi Tao, Tsinghua University
Operation Fundamentals in Backend memories: programming window, retention and endurance
Luca Perniola, CEA Tech
Software Defined Chip: Technologies, Challenges and Opportunities
Shaojun Wei,Tsinghua University
Technology Advancement of Laminate Substrates for Mobile, IoT, and Automotive Applications
Dr. Ken Lee, SimmTech

CSTIC 2017 Agenda


Keynote & Invited Speakers

Keynote & Invited Speakers (2017)

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