March 14-16,2018
Shanghai New International Expo Centre

Symposium I: Device Engineering and Memory Technology

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Sunday, March 11, 2018 Shanghai International Convention Center
Meeting Room: 3B

Session I: Advanced CMOS Devices and Technologies
Session Chair: TBD
**13:30–14:00 Nanosheet Transistor for 5nm Technology and Beyond Aiming High Performance and Low Power Applications
  Huiming Bu, IBM
  Hitoshi Wakabayashi
*14:25–14:50 CMOS Scaling – Past, Present, and Future
  Kangguo Cheng, IBM
14:50–15:05 Introduction of 95nm SPOCULL Technology
  Honglin Zeng, SMIC
15:05–15:20 Coffee Break

Session II: Beyond CMOS and HBT Devices
Session Chair: TBD

*15:20–15:45 Negative Capacitance: Principle, Practice, and Limitation
  Cheol Seong Hwang, Seoul National University


Innovative Graphene-based Remote Epitaxy & layerTransfer-EPI Growth & Device Applications

Jeehwan Kim, Massachusetts Institute of Technology


OppositeTrends between Digital and Analog Performance for Different TFETs Technologies

Paula Ghedini Der Agopian, Sao Paulo State University (UNESP)
*16:35–17:00 III-V GaAs and InP HBT Device for 4G & 5G Wireless Applications

Colombo R. Bolognesi, Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich

Poster Session: Location: 5th Floor
Coffee Break Effect of Barriers Thickness on the Threshold Voltage of AlGaN/AlN/GaN MOSHEMTs
  Rajab yahyazadeh, Islamic Azad university
  Modeling of Transconductance for AlInN/AlN/GaN MOSHEMT
  Rajab yahyazadeh, Islamic Azad university 
Effect of Barrier Thickness on the Sheet Carrier Concentration of HEMTs
  Rajab yahyazadeh, Islamic Azad university
Endurance Analysis Of Split Gate EEPROM Memory Cell
  Liang Qian, HHGrace
Improvement of 28HKMG NIO device HCI by Implant Scheme and Sequence Optimize Doping Profile and E-field
  Tao Jia Jia, SMIC
Equivalent Circuit Models for Strained Silicon NMOSFETs Using Verilog-A
  Wang Guanyu, Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications
7um Pitch Deep Trench Superjunction Process Development
  Zhimin Zhu, HHGrace
  Guiying Ma, SMIC
A Study Of 28nm LDMOS Linear Region drain current degradation induced by hot carrier injection
  Guiying Ma, SMIC
An Optimized Contact Glue Layer Process to Reduce Wafer Edge Peeling Defect
  Tian Chao, SMNC
Ascertainment of Flicker Noise Modeling in Subthreshold Region of MOSFETs
  Chien-Lung Tseng, SMIC
Investigation and Three Implementations for Low Power Self-Aligned 1.5-T SONOS Flash Device
  Zhaozhao Xu, HHGrace
Substrate Current Improvement for a 25V N-type LDMOS
  Ziquan Fang, HHGrace
Improvement of bond pad crystal defect by new aluminum pad film stack
  Junhong Zhao, Huali
Performance and area scaling benefits of embedded SRAM used for TFT-LCD driver IC
  Junhong Zhao, Huali
A technique for fabricating low voltage Charge-Coupled MOSFET with 0.9 um pitch size
  L. Shi, J.K. Shen, J.Z. Miao, Y.P. Wang, HHGrace
28nm High Density SRAM bit cell design and Manufacture study
  Hu Meili, SMIC
A Compact Model of Analog RRAM for Neuromorphic Computing System Design
  Wenqiang Zhang, Institute of Microelectronics, Tsinghua University
Optimization of RF performance and reliability of 28V RF-LDMOS
  CaiYing, HHGrace
Reversed Trapezoid Trench Profile Formation with Silicon Nitride Confinement
  Shiliang Ji, SMIC
An improved yield model for embedded flash
  Xuyun, HHGrace
The Impact of Sub Oi on EWS and Reliability of Power Mos
  Li Xiuying, HHGrace
A Novel SCR ESD Protection Structure for RF Power Amplifier
  Chunguang Wang, Peking University
Resistive switching and synaptic plasticity in HfO2-based memristors with single-layer and bilayer structures
  Qingxi Duan, Peking University
  Yuxiang Zhang, HHGrace
Efficient Multi-Bit SRAMs Using Nanostructures Field-Effect Transistors (Nano-FETs)
  Bander Saman, Taif university
Exploitation of Active Area Patterning Rounding Modeling
  Yuning Yu, SMIC
A Method for Measuring Resistance of Metal Interconnection inside Chip
  Chenjie Zhou, HHGrace
A Novel SMT/SAB Approach for STI Oxide Loss Reduction and Leakage Improvement
  Qian Xiao, Huali
TiSi2 Formation and Mechanism through Ultra-thin Al2O3 Intermediation
  Peilin Hao, Peking University
A New Method For Traversing Memory Address Based On VECTOR Function
  Qingwen Zhang, HHGrace
First-Principles Study on Ge1-XSnX-Si Core-Shell Nanowire Transistors
  Feng Xu, Tsinghua University
Advanced Pre-clean for Selective Epitaxy on 3D NAND Flash
  He Yang, AMAT
Significant Defect Reduction on Nickel Silicide with DSA Process
  Qinggang Zhou, AMAT
A study on special hexagonal defects originating from wet clean process
  Chengpeng QIN, AMAT
A Physical Current Model for Junction-Modulated Tunneling Field-Effect Transistor with Steep Switching Behavior
  Zhu Lv, Peking University
Benchmarking of Multi-Finger Schottky-Barrier Tunnel FET for Ultra-low Power Applications
  Jiadi Zhu, Peking University, Institute of Microelectronics
  LinBao, Peking University
Performance evaluation of Tunneling Field Effect Transistor on Terahertz Detection
  Qixuan Yang, Nanjing University
Study on NBTI Improvement of HfO2-based P-type FinFET with Post High-k Deposition Thermal Treatment
  Wen Wang, SMIC
Impact of epitaxy profile on FinFET device performance
  Zifang He, SMIC
Parasitic resistance and effective mobility extraction in 14nm HKMG Bulk FinFET Device
  Wei Liu, SMIC
Plasma surface interactions pertinent to precision cyclic etching
  Peter L.G. Ventzek, TEL
Introducing low K SiGe S/D Dummy Mask Layer for 28nm HKMG MOSFET Performance Improvement
  Hai Liu, SMIC
Impact of Al electrode in TaOX-based RRAM devices
  Jinshi Zhao, Tianjin University of Technology
A study of metal oxide resistive switching based on the electronic switching mechanism
  Jinshi Zhao, Tianjin University of Techonology
Simulation for the Feasibility of High-Mobility Channel in 3D NAND Memory
  Zhaozhao Hou, IME
Self-aligned Metallic Source and Drain Fin-on-Insulator FinFETs down to 20nm Gate Length with Excellent Short Channel Effects
  Qingzhu Zhang, IME
Engineering Resistive Switching Behavior in TaOX Based Memristive Devices for Non-von Neuman Computing Applications
  Jingxian Li, Peking University

Monday, March 12, 2018 Shanghai International Convention Center
Meeting Room: 3B

Session III: Advanced Nonvolatile Memory Technology
Session Chair: TBD

*8:30–8:55 Emerging Three-dimensional Memory Technologies
  Yoon Kim, Pusan National University
*8:55–9:20 Nonvolatile Memory Outlook: Technology Driven or Application Driven
  Jing Li, University of Wisconsin-Madison
*9:20–9:45 Investigation of Hysteresis Phenomena in 3-D NAND Flash Memory Cells Using Pulse Measurement
  Jong-Ho Lee, Seoul National University
*9:45–10:10 Confined Phase Change Memory for M-type Storage Class Memory
  Wanki Kim, IBM
10:10–10:25 Coffee Break

Session IV: Novel Devices for Neuromorphic Computing and Nonvolatile Logicn
Session Chair: TBD

**10:25–10:55 Phase-change-memory Devices for Non-von Neumann Computing
  Evangelos S Eleftheriou, IBM
*10:55–11:20 Unconventional computing with memristive neural networks
  Joshua Yang, University of Massachusetts
*11:20–11:45 MTJ-Based Nonvolatile Logic LSI for Ultra Low-Power and Highly Dependable Computing
  Masanori Natsui, Tohoku University
*11:45–12:10 Emulation of the human brain by nanodevices at different scales
  Yuchao Yang, Peking University
12:10–13:30 Lunch Break

Session V: Device Reliability and Advanced Technology
Session Chair: TBD

*13:30–13:55 FEOL Reliability in Advanced FinFET Technologies
  Miaomiao Wang, IBM
*13:55–14:20 Do We Have to Worry about Extended Defects in High-mobility Materials
  Eddy Simoen, IMEC/University of Ghent
*14:20–14:45 Predictive As-grown-generation Model for NBTI of Advanced CMOS Devices and Circuits
  Zhigang Ji, Liverpool John Moores University
*14:45–15:10 Device and Process Technologies for Extending Moore’s Law
  Sangwan Kim, Ajou University
15:10–15:25 Initial Analysis of Function Failure Mechanism of Deep Submicron Static Random Access Memory
  Xiao Zou, HHGrace
15:25–15:40 Coffee Break

Session VI: Emerging Device Technologies
Session Chair: TBD

*15:40-16:05 Smart IC Technologies for Smart Devices in IoT applications
  Min-hwa Chi, SMIC
*16:05-16:30 Applications of Organic Semiconductors and Recrystallized Silicon Devices
  Ioannis (John) Kymissis, Columbia University
*16:30-16:55 Design-process Co-optimization for System Improvement
  Da Zhang, AMD-China JV
16:55-17:10 Dielectric breakdown in hexagonal boron nitride dielectric stacks
  Mario Lanza, Soochow University
  Wei Junqing, Tianjin University of Technology